Can Compete With Dropbox, G Drive, and Microsoft For Cloud Storage?

As an engineering firm, it is a constant effort to review various products and services that can be used at the company or any other organization. When you think of online storage, the number one product that comes to mind is They were first to market and run a very clean an smooth interface and have earned their marketshare and revenue for file-sharing and storage. However, other companies have entered the market and now we see OneDrive from Microsoft, G-Drive from Google, and many many others.

One service that we recently tested was Box is a company that most people have never heard of. We briefly tried the service and thought it might work. We got a quotation from their sales person Ryan M (who was very responsive before the order). He was very aggressive promising that the service could be customized and met the needs of an ISO 27001 certified company. Unfortunately, the Box sales person lied. After ordering and paying for the service, we found that the service is in fact really only appropriate for small business. We canceled our order, but that’s where we began to find out the true intentions of

Two days of use cost our administrator one year of service or just under $2000 (about 200,000 yen). Why? Unlike providers confident in their services, and not noted in the purchase order, told us that they do not allow cancellations and refused to refund. With this, apparently have an integrity issue. should we really trust them with our money, much less our important files?

We’ll share more interesting technical and operational details in coming reviews and how their service stacks up to Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, and Google Drive in coming posts. Based on their operations and customer service practices, the short of it is will be gone once they run out of mass marketing budget.