Company Profile

TRIBE Support is a division of AINEO Corporation. A Japan-based high technology firm based in Tokyo with a team of mostly Japanese and Americans founded in May 1997, TRIBE support was founded when finding out about the shocking Quality Of Service (QoS) provided by firms in Japan and the United States. We found that instead of going to a less reliable outside source, it was much easier to use a team of professional engineers. The TRIBE Support team has found with nearly every technology roll out, “We can do it better”.

TRIBE Support provides a IT help desk to you and your company, giving you instead of one professional on the job, but a team of experienced engineers, helping you reduce the necessary human resource cost and work, eliminate the possibility of data theft, vacation, and engineer churn, and have a team of experienced IT engineers on call anytime, anywhere.

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Technical Support, Project Management, Cloud Services, etc.