Cloud Services

Technology changes and so do the services that we use in day to day business. TRIBE Support is very experienced with both installation, configuration, and maintenance of systems in a local datacenter as well as using remote data centers around the globe.  Below is a list of some of the services our partners use in their businesses.

A Japan based datacenter of hosted Microsoft exchange-like Zimbra, Cloud Business Phones, Fax Services, and website hosting that is cost effective and reliable. QuickerWeb is a member of the AINEO Corporate group.

Use MS Outlook on Windows or Mac without the challenge and frequent tweaks of Microsoft. Many companies have standardized on Microsoft Outlook and the Exchange mail server. TRIBE will migrate partner data to and from the Office365 service and can help with training and day to day maintenance.

TRIBE is seeing an increase of people using cloud computing.

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud service offering.

Google has done a great job of integrating mail, messaging, contacts, scheduling, and document collaboration into their web client based software. TRIBE helps companies migrate to or from Google Drive. There are privacy issues with Google Drive, however for cost-conscious organizations, Drive has been chosen frequently.

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