Gmail & Privacy: You can’t have both

You use from Google. It’s a great service that is easy to use and ubiquitous around the world. It’s free for a reason. You don’t pay for it because they sell information about you to others.
Google scans your email for content and shows advertising on your webpage as you’re logged in. But It doesn’t end there.
When you log in to Gmail, your IP address is logged. Whether your on a mobile device, your home PC, school, or work. They know exactly where you are (check out your current IP address here)
Your Mac, personal computer, tablet, and smart phones all have identifiers called a MAC Address. Google knows when you go from New York to Hong Kong. Some security experts say if you use Android smartphones or tablets, they can even track you when you have the unit turned off.
There’s more to say about how much Google knows about you just by using Gmail…. and all the other ‘free’ services related to your account. However, let’s think a bit about others for a moment.
Thinking About Others
When you use Gmail, not only do you compromise your own privacy, but you also compromise the privacy of others.  Their names, interests, and discussions with you and locations can be profiled. Why?
Their machines have unique Mac addresses that can be tracked and most the websites they visits have Google Analytics tracking software installed as every website wants more visitors to generate more sales.  You interact with them in and Google gets their names, email addresses, and interested.
The Danger Of Gmail
Google knows so much about you it can be dangerous. It seems harmless but think about this.
Your government decides that poodle owners in a certain area are a nuisance.  Google knows where you live, what your interests are, and who you interact with.  They can drill down and find every poodle owner in a certain area and find them.  Isn’t that scary?
Privacy And Avoiding Profiling Is Your Choice
The very best thing is not to use free email services.  (Some cyber security specialists have said Yahoo Mail archives every email you sent even if you deleted it).  We recommend getting your own .com domain and having your own email on something like or some other secure service.  If you’re going to use free email services, rather than giving all your information for Google you can do something like this.
Use other email services such as,  If you’ve got your own domain, you can use it for free on’s mail service.
If you just want a simple email service, gives you free email and encrypts your email inbox so no administer can read your email.  They will even host your domain if you go with the paid version.
Please seriously consider the privacy of others and avoid using Gmail or Google’s G Suite.  You may delete your data in your accounts, but IT professionals say chances are slim that they delete it.
Don’t sell yourself and your friends, business associates and others out.  You and your privacy are worth more than that.