Windows 10 Hits Japan

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 To Japan

(Tokyo) Microsoft rolled out it newest version of Windows to the Japanese market this week (29 August).  Although Windows 8.1 is the most recent version, the majority of Windows users of AINEO’s TRIBE Support services are still using Windows 7 as their corporate standard for operating systems in the workplace.  We conclude this is the same for the national market.  Over the last 18 months, TRIBE has seen a increase of users moving towards Apple’s more expensive platform.  Particularly those in middle management and executive positions.  However, the mass majority of users in the enterprise are on Windows 7.  AINEO has also seen most users of the cloud based business phone service, iPBX Hosting mostly using Windows 7 for their PC Softphone on their Notebook computers.

Microsoft hopes to reignite the momentum it has had with it’s flagship Windows OS over the years.  With new leadership the strategy has changed.  Apple started giving away its OS for free to all users of machines that the hardware supported the new software on.  Microsoft also moved to a free model all machines installed with Windows 7 or newer.  Also, it’s public knowledge that Apple uses Akamai’s CDN (content delivery network) to deliver these types of updates to both their computers and their highly popular iPhone.  For some reason, MS is throttling their roll out of the new Windows platform.  Does that mean they don’t have a CDN provider?  AINEO believes Microsoft is not short of resources but trying to both create a buzz but only allow people to reserve spots.  Secondly, by limiting the number of people that can download the new OS, Microsoft has a smaller group to manage as they roll out the new OS.

**Above- Pictured is Microsoft’s promotion booth near Yodobashi Camera’s facility in Akihabara Tokyo.

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